Booking guide


  • Patient’s full name
  • Patient’s age, or date of birth
  • A general description of patient health
  • Patient’s residing address
  • Patient’s destination address
  • Requested transport date/or time frame

Based on your information, Wingaway operations will anticipate the type of care and equipment that will be required to transfer the patient. From there they will discuss transfer options, and price an initial quote for the transfer.


Patient’s doctor’s name and contact details

Our medical staff will contact the patient’s doctor; checking conditions and requirements for the transfer of the patient.

Patient’s destination name, address and contact details.

Our medical staff will contact them to ensure arrangements are in place.


  • Wingaway operations will confirm your costing and payment arrangements before they are finalised.
  • Wingaway operations will start making specific arrangements for the transfer and contact you with the final arrangements.

Expected Outcome:

  • The patient is safely transferred between facilities.
  • Family involvement is maintained
  • Effective communication with all involved parties is achieved